Family Promise Volunteer Information

Family Promise is a very important mission outreach for Crosswinds, and it is unique in the fact that those we serve actually come to us, and we host them as guests at our facility!

To have a successful, smooth running week, almost 50 volunteers are needed.  There is work for all ages, and all abilities.   Crosswinds provides meals for the guests and volunteers.  Overnight hosts are needed to spend the night at the church.

Here are some key things to remember

The People who come are Our Guests!  (and we ALWAYS refer to them that way)

The families that will be staying at Crosswinds are guests in God’s house.  Whenever possible, treat that as you would guests in your homes.  Sit at table with them and visit with them. But don’t question them about their situations.  Let them share only what they desire to share.

Also, we are not to proselytize or attempt to make them participate in any church religious activities.  Even so, the entire week we are a witness to what it means to be a member of a community of faith.  For some, this may be their first experience of being in a church—Let’s make it a positive one.


Many of our guests are children.  Crosswinds children are encouraged to come and help be part of hosting our guests.  Just playing with our guests who are children makes the week much more enjoyable for everyone.  (Children don’t need to signup, just come join the fun.)

Here are some key tasks on the sign-up sheet necessary for a successful hosting week:

Evening Host, 5:30—8:30

Evening Hosts help coordinate the serving of meal, making sure people are gathered for prayer, the food is served and that everyone helps cleanup.   They are also encouraged to visit with the guests, play games with children, help with homework, or anything else to make our guests more comfortable.

Meal Providers 5:30

Depending on the menu for the evening, a number of people are needed to bring the main dish, side dishes, and dessert.  The food should be at the church ready to eat by 5:30 pm.  Meal providers are encouraged to stay for dinner and eat with the guests.

Overnight Host 8:30 pm—5:30 am

In many ways this is the easiest task.  All you have to do is sleep on the job.  Overnight Hosts should arrive by 8:30,  and when everyone is settled in for the night, their work is done until morning, though of course they are "on-call" should anything happen during the night-time hours..  In the morning they usually make coffee and, if necessary, make sure everyone is ready for the van to pick up the guests in the morning.

Setup  12:00 pm First Sunday of Host Week

Volunteers are needed following / during the refreshment time on Sunday to transform the classrooms and fellowship area into living quarters. 

Clean Up 7:00 am Sunday the End of Host Week.

Volunteers are  needed at 7:00 am on Sunday morning at the end of Host Week to prepare the building for Sunday School and Worship. 

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